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Health Insurance

Naomi Green is recognised by most major Private Health Insurance Companies, some of which require you to quote the Clinicians Provider number.

If your private health cover company is not listed here, this does not mean that Naomi is not registered or recognised by that company.  Please check with your provider. The invoice issued to you at the end of your treatment will contain details of the Health Provider numbers which will be required by the private health insurance companies.

Whilst some of the fees and charges may be recoverable under insurance polices not all items treatments or items prescribed will be paid for by insurance companies.  You will need to check with your health cover for confirmation of what is covered.

Even though you may have cover, some treatments require payment by yourself and you will be provided with an invoice to support your application to the insurance company for reimbursement of the allowable cost of treatment.

Biomechanics, gait analysis & orthoses

A biomechanical examination is a 1.5 hour appointment during which we assess how your feet and legs work

Nail Surgery

Toenail surgery is a painless procedure performed under local anaesthetic for ingrown nails, and other problematic nail conditions.

Find out more about Naomi Green, owner and Podiatrist, and Sarah Gillies associate Podiatrist.

Naomi’s Provider Numbers are:


Viva / Norwich Union: 600058908
Exeter Friendly Society: S2160620

Standard Life