Nearly everyone at some time will experience problems with their feet. Footworks Clinic offers a full range of treatments.

About us

 We can all benefit from seeing a        podiatrist even if it is just for a check up.

Chiropody & Podiatry

Common conditions we treat:

Difficulty cutting toe nails

Fungal infected, discoloured or yellow nails

Painful or thick nails

In-growing toe nails

Treatments for Verrucae including Cryotherapy

Corns or callus

Itchy, flaky or dry skin

Cracked heels


Bunions, painful foot joints, painful arches, shins or knees

Back, hip, knee and/or ankle pains related to your walking pattern

Numb or swollen feet


Biomechanics, gait analysis & orthoses

A biomechanical examination is a 1.5 hour appointment during which we assess how your feet and legs work

Nail Surgery

Toenail surgery is a painless procedure performed under local anaesthetic for ingrown nails, and other problematic nail conditions.

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